Mission Possible Sweden

Scouting. Laat je uitdagen!

The programme in more detail

We will welcome everybody on Friday August 3, 2018, 12h00 at the railway station of Groningen. We will travel with small busses for 9 persons to the direction of Sweden. During the journey we will stay in / near a Scoutingbuilding.

From Groningen we will drive to the beautiful nature reserve Glaskogen area. In a nutshell the program will consist of: puzzling and orientation, hiking in the hills, through dense forests or a crossing about a swamp. In Sweden you do the hiking in small groups to the next bivouac. Daily you will walk, bike and/or sail distances up to 8 hours of moving a day.

You will carry all your personal belongings yourself in a rucksack. We often ask each group to take a few extra things like food, pieces of wood for the logfires, a piece of canvas or drinking water.

During the trip you wil solve some map- and compasspuzzles. At several posts you will have nice activities with a big eyewink to the primitive life or you just eat something nice.

It is not just walking but you will also be on a raft or in canoe to peddle to the next bivouac in order to take a dip or catch some fish.

We choose some nice bivouacspots for Mission Possible Sweden which are situated most of time near the waterside. There you will prepare warm meals at a logfire, that you will eat together with the other participants. There will be also a lot of pleasant things on the program!

We aim at combining two different matters a day, such as walking with an activity with a theme, lorrybiking, rockclimbing and so on. The cooking, building your bivouac and socialize in the evening around a campfire are a clear part of Mission Possible Sweden.

On Saturday morning 11th August 2018 we will start to return home to Holland. We will stay overnight again in a Scoutingbuilding. Sunday morning August 12, 2018 we will continue our drive back to Groningen where you will arrive during the afternoon at the central railwaystation.