Mission Possible Sweden

Scouting. Laat je uitdagen!

Important data


Mission Possible Sweden starts on Friday afternoon August 3, 2018 and will last till Sunday afternoon August 12, 2018. We will gather at the railway station of Groningen, Holland at 12:00 on Friday afternoon. Then, we will travel towards Sweden. Sunday August 12, 2018 in the afternoon we will be back at the central railway station of Groningen. From there you will travel home by yourself.


Mission Possible is meant for Roverscouts, leaders and executives of Scouting and Guiding from 18 to 35 years who would like to make a nice trip in Sweden that is larded with outdoor activities and themesauce.

You will enjoy culinary art with a Swedish touch on your bivouacs. You will make some distances, so you need a decent physical condition and you will have waterproof shoes that are worn in. You can apply as a participant individually, with the two of you or in a group with several enthousiastic people.

We can have to a maximum of 18 participants. All participants should be able to communicate in English.


  • Will be between 18 and not older than 35 years of age in August 2017.
  • Will have enough experience with hiking with a rucksack with personal belongings for a 5-days hike in Sweden in order to accomplish the journey without any footproblems. It helps to pack your own personal lightweight luggage in a rucksack!
  • Do have knowledge of a few Scouting skills. We expect you to know the map- and compass methods.
  • Can swim at the level of the Royal Life Saving – Bronze Medallion, so you can swim at least 400 meters in open water.
  • Will apply for visa in time, if you need these for participating at Mission Possible Sweden.
  • Will arrange your own cancellation insurance, travel and outdoor insurance which covers all outdoor sports activities & medical care (if needed) and so on.


To participate in Mission Possible Sweden costs € 507,50 per person if you start and finish in Groningen, Holland (Friday afternoon August 3 till Sunday afternoon August 12, 2018). It is possible to pay in instalments of three terms.

This amount is inclusive the trip from the assembly point in Groningen to Sweden and back to the central railway station in Grongingen respectively Göteborg, the transport to and in Sweden, rent of clubhouses and bivouac, nice food, costs for special activities, stamps and printed matter.

The campfee you pay as a participant of Mission Possible Sweden will be spent as follows:

  • Fees for the ferry, rent, insurances and fuel for the busses and cars: 60%
  • Food: 18%
  • Programme expences: 17%
  • Rent of clubhouses and bivouacs: 1%
  • Preparations: 1%
  • Organisation fees: 1%
  • Unforeseen costs: 2% +
  • TOTAL: 100 %

The budget for Mission Possible Sweden covers its own costs. Therefore we also ask a financial contribution of the staff members; they pay their own travelfees, food, participation in special activities (like lorrybiking and canoeing) and the overnight expenses.


All staffmembers have been participants in the past in primitive camps and expeditions, such as during Dutch national Scouting camps at Easter and/or the during camps of our foundation. After that they have participated at the Trappers Camp Extreme. This is a leaderscourse from our foundation which is held to raise staffmembers as a ‘qualified leader of primitive expeditions’. Most of the staffmembers have been working several years in staffteams of camps of our foundation: you will go on a camp with experienced and pleasant stafmembers!

We are very busy to make a cool program!

More information

You can get more information via: info@trapperskamp.com or the contact form.


Did you become enthousiastic? Apply quickly because only 18 participants can sign up.

After your application

Upon we've received your application, you get a letter with more detailed information. We also will inform you how you should pay your participantsfee (if you wish you could pay in three terms).

After we received your camp fee completely, you will receive an information booklet with practical tips to prepare yourself for this edition of Mission Possible in Sweden.

Before the camp starts, you can meet other participants and staff via our Mission Possible Sweden Facebook.